Our Mission: To provide the highest level of NDT and Materials Engineering services to achieve the most reliable and accurate results for today's industry.

We are proud to offer a diverse selection of both NDT and Materials Engineering Services.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Services

We provide the full spectrum of NDT methods, from the most basic to the most advanced, and we work with equipment suppliers and industry technical societies on an on-going basis to develop new and improved methods.

Equally important are the rigorous quality internal systems we have instituted to insure that the right method is applied in the right manor.:

• Inspectors/technicians are certified, trained and qualified before using each method; certification records are maintained and regularly updated in a company-wide database.

• Our standard procedures and written practices are updated regularly and givin automatically to every quality assurance manager periodically.

• Fixed schedules are in place for all equipment requiring calibration; permanent records of calibration results are maintained in a database or on equipment.

• Rigorous protocols are in place for qualifying equipment suppliers and subcontractors.

• Our lab/location is audited a minimum of once per year to insure compliance with our quality standards.

To learn more about specific methods, check out the links in the navigation bar above under NDT Services or use the contact link to get in touch with us.

Materials Engineering Services

We have Materials Engineering analysis equipment to help design, inspection, maintenance, repair, and conduct failure analysis. Our engineers maintain their technical competency through in house and external training, participation in specification writing bodies, and membership in several industry associations. They regularly make presentations at client facilities, conferences and specialist society meetings.

Our inspection and testing services and materials engineers work alongside our NDT and laboratory technicians. This integrated approach is unique and offers clients the total solution. Whether it's understanding the failure of a crane's weld or cast spindle, selecting the right material, or designing a component for maximum long-term durability, our technologists are able to provide quick, detailed, and cost-effective analyses.

Materials Engineering Services Include:

Selection of metallic and non-metallic materials for the construction of components operating in corrosive environments, either in existing industrial facilities or in plants under construction.

Material selection performed in conjunction with the analysis of a failed components from service and fatigue.

Recommending modifications to existing processing procedures or the application of alternative processing techniques to improve component durability and longer lives.

Material Engineering Technologists can conduct the comparison of materials using laboratory test techniques designed to simulate operational conditions. Testing can include strength evaluation, fatigue durability, notch toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and other evaluations as needed.

We Also Provide:

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