Our Mission: To provide the highest level of NDT and Materials Engineering services to achieve the most reliable and accurate results for today's industry.

NDT Services - Radiographic Testing (RT)

We use a complete line of Radiographic Testing services for inspecting a wide variety of materials and product forms, employing both gamma and X-ray inspection. We use gamma inspection equipment that includes iridium material, typically used for profile Radiography, field and piping welds, investment castings and even heavy wall vessel inspection.

We use leading edge Radiographic equipment from our supplying manufacturers to ensure that our inventory includes the most advanced, productive, and reliable equipment available. Importantly, our commitment to maintaining high curie strength sources ensures short exposure times, leading to better efficiency. Additionally, computed and digital radiography will ensure a safer work environment, greater detailed sensitivity, and faster results.

X-ray (80-160Kv) capability is available particularly within the aviation industry. We provide a multitude of applications, from finding cracks to the detection of water entrapment, foreign object damage & detection/prevention. We can support all your needs with our experienced technicians.

Radiography Applications

Capabilties for Radiogaphic Testing

Page last updated: June 10, 2020