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IDL 1041 - Eddy Current Testing Level I (ET I)
IDL 1042 - Eddy Current Testing Level II (ET II)

Eddy current testing methods will be used to inspect typical samples such as welds, castings, forgings and rolled products. Topics covered will include: production of eddy currents, variables affecting test sensitivity, calibration procedures, and testing techniques. These courses are based on and meet the training requirements for CGSB Level I and Level II. The Level I course will provide a basic knowledge of the principles of eddy current testing and will allow the technician to perform established eddy current procedures under the supervision of Level 2 or Level 3 personnel. The Level II course will provide advanced theoretical knowledge and skills including selection of eddy current techniques and advancedinterpretation of results.

Prerequisites: All canditates must have an aptitude in math, and physics is a definite asset. CGSB requires a math skills test prior to the first class. Students will not be able to participate without successfully passing the CGSB exam. IDL Inspection Ltd. can provide this examination.

Text: TBA. Note that text is not required but can be used as reference.

Instructor: TBA and Donald Lucic, CGSB Level III.

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Note: This class must be set up in advance with a commitment that meets IDL managements certian requirements such and with CGSB or ASNT. Cancellations must be made 30 days before the course start date for a refund to be issued a 15% administrative fee will be charged. For SNT-TC-1A training and certifications under agreements pricing may vary.

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